Some very nice fish this month, caught from both the charter and boat hires.

The weather has turned and we are getting cool mornings now, but the Leeuwin Current is still flowing

bringing the warm water south and good fish with it.

Spring and winter are the best times out from Kalbarri with light winds and calm days.

A few fish from the 6.5m boat

A light drizzly day with glass off conditions set the tone for Steve Garton who hired one of my 6.5m boats.

When the wind is down it is easy to get onto the spots and get the fish.

Jamie Hunter is the angler with the snapper.

Paul Sharps was pleased with his cobia.

Big Wahoo for Anthony

Anthony Mah is a FIFO so does not get much time off, but managed to put a trip together with mates

Aaron Ching and Ken Wong and hiring the 6.1m boat just after Easter.

First day out within the first 10 minutes just north of the Sand Patch he got hit by this 25kg plus wahoo.

They went on to land mackerel for Aaron and a few small bottom fish.

On the second day the wind kicked in and only this tuna was landed by Aaron on a very light flick stick

& chrome slice taking over an hour to land as it was hook on its side by a small flap of skin.


A nice red emperor caught on the 10th April by Chris out from Kalbarri on charter with me

and a good snapper made Eddie’s day.

Stephanie got this mackerel off the bottom on bait, bit of a surprise catch!

Stephanie’s partner Jason spent 30 minutes on a shark that towed the boat for about 500m in calm weather.

Gnaraloo Annual Trip

Hi Laurie,

just giving you a run-down of our latest jaunt to Gnaraloo that we did back in mid- March. I can’t believe, that with todays technology, the various weather sites can get it so wrong. Before we left Perth the, worst it looked like it was going to be for the whole week was around 12-18knts with one day creeping up to about 20knts at the end of the week. Well for the first 4 days there wasn’t anything under 25-35knts every day. We’d be up at 5.30am and it would just be starting to pick up and by the time we were on the beach ready to go at 7.00am it was already up around 20knts. By lunch time it was fairly howling and we would meander our way back to the bay in biggish following seas. When we got back to the homestead the towels were blowing horizontal and things we’d left on the table were strewn all over the ground. I’m sure these weather platforms and radio stations get KM/H and Knots mixed up, because each morning on the radio they’d say Carnarvon winds 20-30km/h and it was already blowing at 20+ knots. Anyhow, notwithstanding that, it meant the seas were that rough that we couldn’t get to most of our spots from the past and had to stay in close until the last 2 days when the forecasters did finally get it right. The highlight of the trip was the amount of Cobia around. In 20 years of going to Gnaraloo we have never seen anything like it.

Our group would normally get 3-4 Cobia in a week between 2 boats and think that was a good result. But this trip we were getting that each day and

our best day was 7 including a thumper of 18kg caught by Rob Hansen (see photo).

Apart from the fierce southerlies all week, the other lowlight of the trip would have to be the sharks. Don’t let anyone ever tell you they’re endangered. We lost countless fish to these big mothers and spent many hours stretching our arms trying to bust them off. In 1 day on the hire boat our crew of 4 hooked and got busted off on 26 sharks in 4 different locations in depths from 30m-60m. And we got 2 of the “small” ones (5 footers) to the boat to recover our gear, the rest were clearly a lot bigger that you had no way of budging. So you just tie off the Dacron to the bollard and let them bust off. The real tragedy of all that is the number of good fish that just become shark “fodder” because you can’t get them to the boat quick enough. It didn’t matter whether we went 20km south or 15 km north they were everywhere. You would get one crack at catching a bottom fish at the location when you arrived, then they would move in and for the next hour or so we would all be just having a tug of war with them- sometimes all 4 of us at a time doing the “shark shuffle” around the deck. So you shift and try again only to be harassed again by some more.

Sorry there aren’t any photos of big Reds or pinkies etc- just couldn’t catch anything much else than Cobia and sharks.

On another note it was encouraging to see the boys from Fisheries out doing their job. They had a road block set up on the highway on the way home – stopping everyone except road trains. Quick look over our vehicles and freezer contents and we were on our way again. Good to see- should be more of it.

Annual trip

Bill Lonsdale organises a trip each year and this time it was Derek Ko, Max Puglia and mate Bryce who were The lucky ones to be invited again. Fishing was a bit slow for the group, but they had a great time and took home lots of fillets.

Max Puglia with his 10kg cobia. He lost a big dolphinfish at the boat the day before. It took a floating mulie out the back and straightened the hooks when he tried to lift it into the boat! There is a gaff on board, that’s what it is there for Max!

A 40kg tiger shark kept Max busy for a while

 Kalbarri Offshore & Angling Club Local Comp.

23rd & 24th April 2016

Local comp on the Anzac weekend saw very little pelagic action. We trolled for a couple of hours with no result. We eventually dropped to the bottom to see what was there and junior angler Harry Waite

got his first ever red emperor, undersize unfortunately.

I had all the luck landing this big red.

It all went my way when I got another! Best result on red emperor for me out of Kalbarri.

Day member Jade landed a 6kg snapper and Steve a dhuie.

Bite of the Month

A great fish for Anthony Mah.

Hooking this 25kg plus wahoo just north of the Sand patch made his day!

I award Bite of the Month to someone who catches the best fish

from one of my boats.

See all the previous Bite of the Month winners on my website

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