A busy month due to the school holidays and Easter at the same time. Town was packed and all my boats and accommodation were booked. However the weather was not too good over Easter and the water was very green and weedy, so very few mackerel and tuna caught. It has cleared up now & the guys on my 6.1m are getting a couple of hard earned mackerel each day at the moment. We have been getting good fish on the charter, so customers are very happy!





Some nice fish from early this month, big snapper and big baldchin groper made up the catch.




Dhuies and big snapper again for this group


It was biggest snapper and biggest trevally ever for Sean who was out with his family.



Honeymoon couple Josh and Siobhan had an action packed early session landing a big assortment of fish.



Cobia, coral trout, samsonfish, rankin cod, red emperor, and a dhuie made up the catch.

The waning full moon shut the bite down mid-morning without a touch from 9.30am onwards!

Gnaraloo annual Trip

Hi Laurie and Sue. As promised here is a briefing and attached photos on our trip to Gnaraloo in March this year.


In the past couple of years we have been inundated with sharks to the point where we had to keep shifting

locations just to try and get some fish on board. We were losing our fish to the “grey suits” nearly every

 cast (26 in 1 day last year) and it was a common sight to pull up to a location and see 4-5 just swimming

around in the top 10m waiting for an easy feed.



This year was a lot better with

only a few bust offs each day and long periods of good fish coming over the sides.


By the end of the week we had actually caught 16 different species of fish and there were some that we

 hadn’t seen up there for a few years. Amongst them were Baldchin, Coronation Trout and Coral Trout- none

 of which we had caught over the past 6-8 years.



The other surprise was the abundance of Rankin Cod with  both boats having 1 day where they bagged out on the species. At least it was nice to be able to get these fish to the boat this year. Fish of the trip was a 10kg Red Emperor by Ronnie. Hope you enjoy the photos. Some fantastic colours and Ronnie with his big Red plus a couple of shots from different days of my crew Daryl, Mark, Luke and I on the 6.1m with a sample of the days catch.


Peter Holtfreter

7.8m boat annual trip

Andrew Doan brings a group of mates come up each Easter, they usually jig for their demersals, but dirty green

water made the fishing hard.

They resorted to bait in the end and landed lots of catfish and this solitary big estuary cod out on the 3mile for Resul Gunes.

The cod was under a metre so were able to keep it.

Tailor Fishing

Eric Oswald is a keen angler and was up at the beginning of March for the Kalbarri Sports Fishing Classic.

He returned with his boat this month with his family, visiting from Minnesota USA.

On one of the nights I took him for a tailor fishing session.

First up I got this one which was about 2.5kgs and released it. Eric than went on to get numerous hook-ups but none of them stuck,

which was a bit of a disappointment for him, but that’s fishing!

 Kalbarri Offshore & Angling Club Local Comp.

22nd & 23rd April 2017


A lot of fish from the river this month, but the ocean section was very slow.

A nice mulloway from the river section for Beau and 2 mulloway for Daniel


Big javelin fish from the boat section for Sue and 6.5kg snapper for Robbie

Bite of the Month

Resul Gunes pulled this big estuary cod from one of my waypoints out on the 3 mile reef.

Nice fish just under a metre so was able to be kept. Nice one Resul!

I award Bite of the Month to someone who catches the best fish of the month

from one of my boats.

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Triple tuna hook-up

Dhuie and snapper

Beach mulloway

Exmouth Marlin

Day in the life of Cray fishing

Gnaraloo 2013

Snorkelling Gnaraloo

Cobia and bait ball Kalbarri

Triple Tuna Sundae

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