New Owners in 2018 – New shop items coming soon – Some tackle still available please enquire

The Boat Shed Shop can supply you with all the necessary tackle and bait needed for a days fishing out from Kalbarri. Only the proven lures, tackle and bait is supplied so that you know that you are using the correct gear that the locals and those “in the know” are using.

You can buy any of this tackle at the time of hiring the boats, or organise it prior so it’s on the boat ready.

Snelled Hooks

7/0 chemically sharpened snelled hooks with 80lb mono leader

10 leaders/pack $25.00


No. 5 bean sinkers

$2.00 each

Tuna Skirts

Small tuna can be very fussy at times but these small pusher type lures are irresistible. Just troll them behind the boat, and past the schools of tuna. Hook-up are almost guaranteed! Pre-rigged with s/s Maruto hooks and 80lb mono.

Available in Gold, Pink & Blue

$7.50 each

Halco Laser Pro 190DD Lures

These are the lures and colours we recommend for mackerel and tuna species in Kalbarri.

Available in Red Head, Multi Chrome, King Brown & Chrome Pink

$22.00 each