It’s the crazy season again! Bookings for the Christmas break are filling up fast and next
year looks busy already!

Crays for Christmas

We put the pots in a little earlier than usual on the 8th Dec and on the 9th got 1 cray, then 2, went mulloway fishing, then
6, 5, 2, 3, 4, 2, no pull as I was on charter, then had to go to Gero, then 10, 11, 5, and 6 this morning.
I will pull them out Saturday as it then gets too busy over the holiday break!


Sue and Lui pull the pots and Lui baits up.


And a few crays in the pot.

This year was down on numbers, but we got a lot of big crays, like these jumbos held by Sue.

5.3m day out

Stewart MacFarlane took the 5.3m boat out for a spin with mate Ashley, towards the end of the demersal ban.
Weather as usual this time of year was pretty ordinary even though they went on the best day of the week!

They struggled to find good fish, but a couple of sambos and a shark found them.
However lots of small reef fish kept them occupied.

Beach fishing for mulloway

Sue and I got the chance to go up the northern beaches for a mulloway fish. I did an article in
my last newsletter about the new Beach Fishing Tours in town. Rob took us up to his favourite gutter.

Fish like this came in. We landed 6 mulloway from soapies to Rob’s 13.5kg fish.

All of ours were tagged and released, and I made a short video.
Have a look at it here.
Beach Mulloway Fishing

Some nice fish from a charter on the 16th,


coral trout for Larry, sand snapper,

and Pedro got a thumper sandsnapper


Ryan got an estuary cod over 1m so had to go back, but made up for it with a smaller one and a sand snapper.


8 year old Sam managed a few smaller fish but the big ones eluded him.

Something to take note of during the Chrissy BBQ

New Website

Thanks to everyone who commented and made suggestions for my website.
I reviewed all the help and corrected as much as possible.
The white text on white contrasty background was a problem, but I changed the
background video to a darker and deeper view which has helped.
It is all looking sweet now!

Kalbarri Sports Fishing Classic

We are gearing up and in full swing for the next Classic.
Sponsors have been good and we are expecting another well attended comp.
Entry forms can be downloaded from:

There will be other sites but they are yet to put it up.
The booklet is in production and pdfs will be available in a few weeks.

Thinking of entering this friendly fun comp and need a boat, book one now!
They usually all get booked up quite early.

Bite of the Month

Ryan’s big cod gets Bite of the Month, measuring in at about 1150mm was too big
too keep.
I award Bite of the Month to someone who catches the best fish
from one of my boats.
See all the previous Bite of the Month winners on my website

Need a boat for up north?

Remember I will deliver a boat out to the turn-off for free for those heading north.
Just pre arrange and ring me from Geraldton and I will meet you there.

Popular Northern Destinations

Thevenard Island

Island Manager: 9184 6444.
The accommodation is open again and Direction
Island is always open and still a good option and bookings can be made.

Check out the website:

Ashburton Resort

Ashburton Resort. Phone 9184 6586 email:


Gnaraloo Station

Gnaraloo contacts for accommodation:
Barbara: 9315 4809



Steep Point

Steep Point Ranger for booking campsites.
Phone: Paul Dickson – Steep Point 9948 3993


Dirk Hartog Island

Kieran Wardle: 08 99481 211 Mob: 0407 383 449

Game, Bottom and Beach Fishing Action

These links will take you to my Youtube Channel
And other videos showing some great action taken from
my boats and also a very good mulloway from the beach.

Triple tuna hook-up

Dhuie and snapper

Beach mulloway

Exmouth Marlin

Day in the life of Cray fishing

Gnaraloo 2013

Snorkelling Gnaraloo

Cobia and bait ball Kalbarri

Triple Tuna Sundae

Archived Newsletters

You can now view all my past newsletters in my Blogs.

They are quite long URL’s so add them to your favourites.

Remember if you rent our accommodation in Kalbarri you get big discounts on our boats.

3-day weather forecasts, go to virtual buoys, pick the location you want.
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