After a monumental computer crash – hard drive failure just before Christmas, I now have it back complete with all my data.
But it was not right and problems persisted. So in the end I had to reloaded windows and all my programs again.
That is why this newsletter includes December and January.
It’s been a good start for the season with a few early mackerel and tuna, and the weather over
Christmas/New year was phenomenal.


Short video of some dolphinfish at the Kalbarri fad


Crayfishing in December

We put our pots in each December and see what we can catch. This year we put 6 pots out with 3 licenced fishers on the 12th December
and pulled the next day. We got 2, then 10 the next day, then 6, 20, 15, 21, 2, day off, 5, 0, 1, and 11 on the 24th December and we took
our pots out as it gets too busy with boat hire and charters.

We fished for 12 days spent $210.00 on fuel and bait, caught 93 crays at a value of $2.26 each.
Better than the last few years!


A Big catch from early January on Charter

During a bottom fishing session that was a bit slow, we spotted a few small tuna jumping out in a small bust up. Deciding that
Small tuna might be a bit more fun, we pulled the anchor and trolled tiny skirts through the mass.

Not long and Aaron hooked up on this small striped tuna.
That’s good I thought we will try that again. Next hook-up was a triple, one line had the 80lb leader cut through, the other the hook pulled
which left Liz holding a rod with lots of line unloading. “Too heavy for me”, so shouted and passed it to partner Andrew Frankham.
Wondering what was taking Andrew so long I looked at his reel and realised it was emptying very quickly!
I turned the boat and recovered some line for him, but he was still struggling.

After an hour and 10 minutes we got to see this big tuna circling under the boat.

It turned out to be a 28.7kg big-eye tuna, landed on 15kg mono line. Quite a memorable fish for Andrew and everyone on board!

An exhausted and elated Andrew.
We took some Gopro footage, and I made a short video, see it here on Youtube.
Andrew’s 30kg tuna


We did catch other fish, David Mansell holds some of his catch.

A few catches from my Dec/Jan Charters

Here are some of the fish caught from my charters over the holiday break.







They are a bit mixed as with the computer crash, I was unable to keep them sorted and labelled properly.

But as you can see we have been getting some good fish

South of the river has been quite productive, but the mackerel and tuna have been north.

Samson fish have been plentiful

Cobia have turned up and the red emperor came from a shallow 27m


Ryan was delighted with his dhuie and cobia

and Mandy caught 2 of these big cod.


Early Season Mackerel

Stuart Johnson and his dad Barry called in early this month to hire a boat.
He hired my 5.3m about 3 years ago and did well on mackerel. This year the 5.3m boat was already booked,
so he took the 6.1m for a run along the cliffs on a very nice calm and misty morning.
A few blue-lined emperor kept them busy and on the way back took a screaming run which resulted in
this nice mackerel, the first for the season from any of our boats!


Early Season Tuna

And the first tuna for the season, caught by Juke Rogers at the end of the cliffs.
Juke and girlfriend Keeley took the 5.3m boat down the cliffs early but unfortunately
Keeley was very sick and were back in early, but the tuna made up for it!


More catches from my December Charters


Annele, got her biggest fish ever, a good snapper and then promptly broke that PB with a big gold-spot trevally.

Then Craig Phillis followed up with another trevally.


Brother Paul Phillis did well with a mackerel and trevally as well.

The Phillis group with their catch.

A few days before, a couple of big cod came aboard. Both of these were too big to keep and went back with the
help of an extra-large release weight that I keep in the boat for this reason.


Fishing Comp Day

Got into some quality fish during the last local fishing comp.

Tuna was on 4kg line and we both got out gunned by bigger tuna during the day.

Sue spent 30 minutes on her hook-up only for the hooks to pull and I was on for an hour and running out of time, had to tighten up and went too far, busting off on 4kg line.

The red emperor and rankin cod were welcome

Sambo and small tuna for Sue.


Bite of the Month

Bite of the Month December, goes to Andrew Frankham for his big tuna.
And for January, Mandy, for her two big estuary cods.
Trolling a small skirt expecting a few rat tuna, his rod unloaded line at a rate of knots, only retrieving some when chased with the boat.
An hour and 10 minutes later this 28.7kg yellow-fin tuna was boat side.

Mandy had her arms pulled off when these big cods hit her bottom bait.
Thinking it was a shark she held on regardless only to find big cods on the end.
Both were released.
Each month I award Bite of the Month to someone who catches the best fish
from one of my boats.
See all the previous Bite of the Month winners on my website


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Game, Bottom and Beach Fishing Action
These links will take you to YouTube showing some great action video clips taken from
my boats and also a very good mulloway from the beach.
Triple tuna hook-up
Dhuie and snapper
Beach mulloway
Exmouth Marlin
Day in the life of Cray fishing
Gnaraloo 2013
Snorkelling Gnaraloo
Cobia and bait ball Kalbarri
Triple Tuna Sundae


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