A stunning sunset over the Murchison River this month,

the best month for great weather and when dhufish, snapper and baldchin groper aggregate into shallower water to spawn.

Geoff and Meredith got into a few fish during the last charter, Baldchin groper for Meredith and rankin cod with a big red-throat emperor for Geoff.

Jackie’s rankin cod and Robs small dhuie

Baldchin groper for Wayne and yellow-tail kingfish

Wayne with his biggest fish ever and Wiley holds her mulloway also the biggest fish she has ever caught

Another arm stretching yellow-tail kingfish for Rob.

Cave Fishing

I have done a bit about cave fishing before, but son Jared was up for a couple of days with partner Tayla. He wanted to go for a bit of a tailor fish but the swell was down and that is not good for tailor at Black Rock! But when the swell is down we can go Cave Fishing! We went down with mate, Frank, and the two youngsters, using mulies for bait.

Jared hooked up on a mulloway quickly and bringing it over the ledge. All I can say is that it is down the southern cliffs and only fishable on a low swell. If you can get in there, there are mulloway. Usually not very big but they are consistent. The almanac called for a bite time for 7am and 8pm, too cold in the morning and too dark in the evening so we went at midday for the minor bite time.

Jared’s third fish

One comes over the ledge for me. Overall we landed 8 mulloway and kept 2 of the bigger ones.

When the bite shut down, after about an hour, we moved to the front of the cave to try for a baldchin groper. Jared picked up a small tailor and Tayla had fun with a few dart.

Best Trip Ever

Craig Slater is a regular hirer and this year with his mates, Bruce McDonald, Bruce “Btrain” Bennett and Phil had the best trip ever. Crew member Bruce McDonald tells the story.

Hi Laurie

Find attached the promised photos from our fishing trip 12th-15th July 2016. We did extremely well this time. We hired the 7.8m Walk-around and headed north most days. Weather was okay for 3 out of our 4 days. We drift fished with your drift anchor deployed so that we could hold bottom.




Day 1, drop 1 resulted in a 75cm Dhu Fish!! An hour later we bagged an 80cm monster and things were going well. We picked up a few baldchin groper also prior to trawling some Halco’s on the way home.

 We ended the day with 3 spanish mackerel to top things off!

Day 2, was more of the same except no dhufish. We bagged baldchin groper, breaksea cod and another mackerel. When trawling we also had a 6ft bronze whaler take a lure. We didn’t bring him on-board though. When he was alongside we cut the line and let him keep the Halco.

Day 3, was no good due to the weather. We did venture out but only caught north-west blowfish. It was rough as, so we called it early and headed back in to rest-up for our last day.


Day 4, was another good one. We bagged out on dhufish again with an 81cm and a 83cm monster. This won the cash for the biggest reef fish.  We had more baldchin groper and breaksea cod. We trawled home catching 2 spaniards and also had a north-west blowy take a lure. All up this was our best trip ever. We had heaps of fish to take home and enjoyed being the “Rock Stars” at the fish cleaning table every day. Already planning for next year.


Bruce  McDonald

Great Gnaraloo Trip

A trip report from Dave Allen who is an experienced Gnaraloo specialist

Hi Laurie

Gnaraloo Report 2016

Every year at Gnaraloo seems to be different and 2016 certainly once again proved this. After picking the 6.1 mtr boat up from Laurie at the turn-off, it was time to head north to Gnaraloo Station for our annual trip. I have lost count but think this is our 11th journey to our favourite destination. The trip up was a bit slow and we eventually pulled into the station to be greeted by a ghost town. Not a car or boat to be seen. This soon changed as the overflow from three mile  invaded the homestead area. Paul was in fine form as usual and came for a visit to tell us just how busy he is. Always good to catch up with him and he always provides us with a laugh or two.

The weather was pretty average with only two really nice fishing days out of the week. We tend to try different fishing techniques with the three of us finding success with the jigs, plastics, baits and a fair bit of trolling. Basically we fished to the conditions, stayed close when required and played with the many Spangled Emperor up there.

Highlights for the week included:

Fishing bait balls for hours on soft plastics. The Cobia were insane and watching the sharks slowly fill themselves on white bait was pretty impressive. We have never encountered so many Cobia up there and they certainly kept us busy for hours on end.

Throwing lures into schools of Northern Blue fin Tuna was also very rewarding. There were a few big bust offs during these sessions and a few times we were spooled which was frustrating as we were too slow to react and chase. The light gear may have attributed to some of these.

We had a few super-hot red emperor sessions when the weather let us out to our spots. It did not matter if you were jigging or on bait, it was on straight away and the reds were in good numbers. Unfortunately, we also found the men in grey suits which for us, was very unusual and super annoying. Let’s just say you would not want to swim up there.


It was good to see some big rankins around and the number of coronation trout was also a pleasing sight for the esky.

The 30 plus kilo 162 cm Wahoo for Andrew.

Andrew holds the tail of his 30kg plus wahoo It went like the clappers.

Just relaxing in the best place possible. Gnaraloo once again showed us just how diverse an area it really is. The water temperature was a crazy 27 degrees well above the usual 23 – 25 range we normally experience. The lack of whales was very surprising as we only saw four of five groups the whole week. This year we took full use of the mooring from Laurie. This worked very well and saved driving on the track with the trailer each day. The 6.1 performed better than we thought as we normally hire the 6.5m boat. We were very happy with the fuel economy, stability and space for us all to fish comfortably. We will be back in 2017: same time of the year, same place with a whole new perspective and expectation on what Gnaraloo will throw at us in 2017.

A little tip: if you get a chance to put a camera down to 45mtr, it is crystal clear and you will be amazed at what you see.

Thanks again Laurie, always a pleasure to see you in July.


Dave, Sab and Andrew

 Kalbarri Offshore & Angling Club Local Comp.

22nd July 2016

 Some nice fish weighed in during the last comp. Junior Harry Waite landed good fish. Rob got a dhuie.

I got a couple of nice fish, the spangled emperor is unusual.

Dhuies and snapper for Steven and Tristan.

The river and beach produced as well, bream for Beau and 4.4kg tailor for Frank.


Bite of the Month

Bite of the Month goes to the big wahoo caught by Andrew out from Gnaraloo from my 6.1m boat this month.

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Triple tuna hook-up

Dhuie and snapper

Beach mulloway

Exmouth Marlin

Day in the life of Cray fishing

Gnaraloo 2013

Snorkelling Gnaraloo

Cobia and bait ball Kalbarri

Triple Tuna Sundae

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