The big event this month was the Kalbarri Sports Fishing Classic. I entered with Eric Oswald in Eric’s 5.3m boat. Eric fished it last year winning Men’s Meritorious. This year despite the atrocious weather, we won Champion Boat Game Under 6m, Eric picked up Highest Point Scoring Mackerel, a 9.99kg mackerel on 3kg line, and I won Champion Angler Game.

There have been some 15-20kg tuna coming in over the last few weeks, long may it last!

  New Management

Paul has been doing a few changes to the boats and is currently installing cray pot tippers and electric capstans on both the 6.5m boats. This will make it very easy to pull pots for those who hire the boats and want to get in on the action. You will be able to BYO pots or hire one of ours and attach your own floats or buy floats from us and put your licence number on them.

An electric anchor winch has also been measured up and will probably happen as well!

Paul has been doing a bit of pot pulling this month and has come up with the goods. “Getting some good crayfish in Kalbarri at the moment! 14 in the pots today, (14th March).”

The discounts are still continuing so get your mates together and get amongst it. Now is the time!

You can call either Paul on 0427 645 037 or Raelene on 0429 991 367 to make a booking!

A Good Day Out


Some days are weird!

Sue & I got invited out with Trevor Thompson for a fish in his boat. All went well with the weather & we went a long way north. However Sue got onto a pinky to start, them another, then a nice baldchin groper, followed by another pink snapper. Trevor and myself still had not had a decent bite! Then a triple hook-up of snapper resulting in mine being the smallest, which was let go as we were bagged out!

Score? Sue 5, Trevor 1, me 0

6.5m day out

Quite a few hires this month, but hard to get photos and reports for hirers!


Michael Muley had a great trip out with mates, landing an assortment of demersal fish

The 6.5m boat “Tokoloshe” was the perfect platform for snapper, saddle tail perch, baldchin

& blue-spot emperor.


Kalbarri Sports Fishing Classic

 A few random pics & results from the Classic


Champion Angler River was won by Robbie Leck who had 2 mulloway on the second day.

Heaviest Black Bream of .89kgs went to Cheryl Eley.

Heaviest Cod River went to Mark Ralph. A big malabar cod of 4.14kgs


Champion Boat Bottom Over 7m was “Captain Fathom” skippered by Terry Ash with Paul Norrish, Ian Grieg,Dylan Stevenson and junior Bodee Stevenson.

Champion Junior Game was easily won by a big margin by Harry Waite aboard “Turkish Delight”, skippered by Davo Waite. Together they also won Champion Boat Game Over 7m. Harry also won Highest Point Scoring Tuna and Highest Point Scoring Gamefish.


Champion Boat Game 6-7m was won by “Ranger Outdoors” skippered by Glen DiCarlo, with Steve Brown and Jarrad Elliott.


Champion Boat Game Under 6m went to “Oceans Legacy” skippered by Eric Oswald and Laurie Malton. They only fished 3kg mono landing 5 mackerel each over the 3 days. Laurie also won the top prize; Champion Angler Game and Eric picked up Highest Point Scoring Mackerel. An 8.99kg fish on 3kg line.

Blair Foreman landed a big cod to win Heaviest Ocean Cod as well as R/U Junior Angler Bottom.


Heaviest Not Game Snapper, 5.35kgs was skillfully angled by Emma Blackburn aboard “Harvester”skippered by Steven Eley and together won Champion Boat Bottom Under 6m. Steven also won Heaviest Red Emperor with this 12.87kg fish as well as Runner-up Champion Angler Bottom

Individual results

Rod Mitchell Meritorious:                   Jackson Ralph

 Highest Point Scoring Game Fish:  Harry Waite    347.75 pts (13.91kg tuna on 4kg line)

 Highest Point Scoring Mackerel: Eric Oswald 399.67 pts. (8.99kg mackerel on 3kg line)

 Highest Point Scoring Tuna:  Harry Waite     347.75 pts   (13.91kg tuna on 4kg line)

 Highest Point Scoring Snapper:                                                           No winner

 Heaviest Not Game Snapper:                        Emma Blackburn      5.35kgs

 Heaviest Red Emperor:                             Steven Eley                12.87kgs

 Heaviest Dhufish:                                    Brian Evans               10.17kg

 Heaviest Groper:                                     Justin Gilbert             3.15kgs

 Heaviest Cod Ocean:                                     Blair Forman                 17.77kgs

 Heaviest Samson Fish:                                 Paul Norrish                   14.06kgs

 Heaviest Whiting:                                   Keely Ralph                  40 grams

 Heaviest Bream:                                                 Cheryl Eley                 890 grams

 Heaviest Cod River:                                  Mark Ralph               4.14kgs

 Catch, Weigh & Release – river award          Mark Ralph – 13 fish released

 Top Gun day one:                           Bottom:           Steven Eley

Top Gun day two:                           Game:              Eric Oswald

Top Gun day three:                         River:              Robbie Leck

 NAB Junior Top Gun day one       Bottom:          Diesel Billi

NAB Junior Top Gun day two       Game:             No winner

NAB Junior Top Gun day three       River:           Sonny Hilton

 Safest Boat Award                                 Ray Latham – Kayak


A video I made of a Cave Fishing Trip

I have done an article on cave fishing before, but never had the opportunity to film it all to make into a video. So we purposely went to make a video early this month. Here is the result.


Mulloway and a male ember parrotfish – Scarus rubroviolaceus, the females are a browny/red colour

Cave Fishing Kalbarri 2018

It hit 10,000 views on Facebook in 24 hours!

I had the parrotfish for dinner that night, cooked it parrot fashion and served it perched on a chip!

    Need a boat for up north?

Remember the boats can be delivered out to the turn-off for free for those heading north. Just pre arrange and ring me from Geraldton and I will meet you there. You are then required to return the boat to Kalbarri, but pick-up can be arranged for a fee of $200.00.


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Game, Bottom and Beach Fishing Action

 These links will take you to my Youtube Channel

And other videos showing some great action taken from my boats and also a very good mulloway from the beach.

Triple tuna hook-up

Dhuie and snapper

Beach mulloway

Exmouth Marlin

Day in the life of Cray fishing

Gnaraloo 2013

Snorkelling Gnaraloo

Cobia and bait ball Kalbarri

Triple Tuna Sundae

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