A fairly steady month for the boats but not many fish being caught! Those going out of Kalbarri have been doing it tough with poorer than average weather and a week Leeuwin Current restricting good catches of mackerel and tuna. However after the last big blow and big swells have settled, things have hotted up with a lot of good fish being landed lately. Long may it last!

13 days in the 6.1m boat

Hi Laurie,

The Great Barracuda (1.42 metres and 15 kilos) that surprised us (and you too apparently) off the cliffs south of Red Bluff last week. (early May) We took a photo for you alongside “Bulawayo Buoy” for your newsletter although it was actually caught by me from “2-Easy “of course. Anyway the fish is the main point as we may never get another there. Cheers…….Geoff McEwan

On “Bulawayo Buoy” was Rob who also got an unusual catch, a pink snapper on a Halco Laser Pro Red Head. They got quite a few mackerel, but were down on average from previous years. line

Drone Fishing

This video hit the local WA news and had 3.5 million views when I last looked at it! https://www.facebook.com/uniladmag/videos/2260410123982034/?comment_id=960160534103847 line This is the best dolphinfish/flyingfish video ever! https://www.youtube.com/embed/szuchBiLrEM?rel=0 line Gnaraloo Annual Trip Gnaraloo 2015 A late report from Dave Allen Another successful journey North to Gnaraloo has come and gone with 2015 throwing up a few surprises as usual. Gnaraloo has been a destination of ours now for around 10 years and each year proves to provide us with new challenges and surprises. A good drive up from Perth and a quick hello to Laurie out at the turn off as we picked the boat up at the Kalbarri turn-off.

The week was looking pretty slow with very poor tides and the fish ability readings for that week proved to be correct. We put a plan in place to jig a fair bit as a tactic to get the fish going onto the bite. As usual, the sounder was picking up good schools but we had to work hard for our fish. We travelled north and south during the week depending on the winds always looking for that  easier ride home with the wind at our backs.

We love to target Spanish Mackerel while drift baiting for red emperor, pink snapper, rankin cod, cobia, coral trout, tuna, robinson sea-bream and pearl perch. Most of our time these days is spent sports fishing with only keeping what we really need.

Jig was definitely the way to go this week and accounted for a lot of the species above. I must have lost about 12 jigs to Mackies mid water and the cobia certainly love them.

Highlights for the week included Trout on the jig, massive Mackies on the drift baits in close, the most amazing species of whales we have seen and a good number of reds to keep the freezer happy.

The main surprises were the amount of big Golden Trevally, Amberjacks and other Trevally species were around. We had an absolute insane time catching them on the jig and this was when there was no chance of holding ground due to the stiff winds that Gnaraloo is known for.

We had another great week on the 6.5 Murchison boat which provided us once again with a solid and very safe fishing platform.2015 was another successful year up at Gnaraloo. The weather was average, however, we changed our tactics and styles to catch some totally amazing fish.

You do not have to go far to have fun at Gnaraloo. We will be back in 2016 to once again revel in the absoulute splendor of the beauty on offer up at Gnaraloo station. Dave Allen


 Kalbarri Offshore & Angling Club Local Comp.

28th May 2016 First comp of the new season. We had our AGM and Awards night last week and Sue and I did quite well.

Sue picked up Heaviest Samsonfish 10.02kg

Heaviest Red-Throat Emperor –   .89kg

And I got:

Heaviest Red Emperor – 1.98kg

H.P.S. Tuna –    248.75 points

Champion Angler Game 6m & over

Champion Angler Bottom 6m & over

And the boat won:

Champion Boat Game 6m & over  –  Bamba Zonke

Champion Boat Bottom 6m & over – Bamba Zonke

Last Saturday was the first comp. and we went along way north in my boat, Bamba Zonke on a good weather day and I am glad we did!

Davo did well on my boat landing a red emperor first up and then a big snapper

Junior angler Harry Waite landed a rankin cod,

then the mulloway turned up.

followed by a red emperor for me and a nice sambo graced the boat


Bite of the Month

Bite of the month goes to Davo Waite who hooked this snapper and thought it was another mulloway. He already had his max bag of 2 mulloway on board so he was reeling it up real slow so that he could release it, when this pink snapper appeared! I award Bite of the Month to someone who catches the best fish from one of my boats. See all the previous Bite of the Month winners on my website


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These links will take you to my Youtube Channel  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCiVvKy5Bp2fsZOGUnGPbhzg And other videos showing some great action taken from my boats and also a very good mulloway from the beach. Triple tuna hook-up Dhuie and snapper Beach mulloway Exmouth Marlin Day in the life of Cray fishing Gnaraloo 2013 Snorkelling Gnaraloo Cobia and bait ball Kalbarri Triple Tuna Sundae


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