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A few good fish out on charter again this month.

Danny with a sandsnapper & Neville his biggest dhuie he has ever caught.

Neville had a good day catching an estuary cod, rankin cod and sand snapper.

Catch of the day was Nick’s 10.2kg dhuie

Nick also got onto a small sambo and a spangled emperor.

Paul followed up with another small sambo.

Day out in 7.8m boat

Andrew Harris and family hired the 7.8m boat for 2 days over the last week of the school holidays.

First day out son Christian got onto a big dhuie on a hand line and his wife Ivanka got a smaller one.

She followed that up with a rankin cod and sandsnapper among the many fish they caught.
The second day was the Kids Whiting Comp and his two boys wanted to be in that, so bailed on him, leaving Andrew without a crew.

Local kid James jumped at the chance to go out and ended up with a nice dhuie on light gear.

New fishing tour

Kalbarri local, Rob Tenaglia has started up a land based fishing tour. He will take you across river in his Polaris 6 seater quadbike with all the tackle you will need.

He has been doing well on mulloway, tailor, cod , snapper, tharwine, and the likes.

Leaving early morning and on the spot for the dawn bite – half day tour.

He also does all day tours and half day night tours.

Kalbarri Land Based Fishing Tours



Rob: 0418 930 695

Rob’s Polaris and specially built to survey pontoon.

The bite is on as soon as you arrive


Mulloway like these are the norm, and most anglers are landing a few each morning.


And there is variety as well.

A good tour to combine with a couple of days boat hire and when the weather is not great for boating, fish the beach with Rob.

Remember you can always stay in my accommodation, even if not hiring a boat.

Ring to make a booking 9937 2043, 0438 455 664

Or email: bookings@

A lot of the anglers are choosing to release their fish, Robs Tag Sheet, shows the numbers.

Tag and release mulloway being co-operative.

Kalbarri Kids Whiting Comp

I made a short video with my drone.

5.3m boat weekend

Shaun Wieffering was up for a lightening trip taking the 5.3m out for a couple of very nice days this month.

First day was a bit of a learning curve but the second day, when they went to the area that I had suggested

The fish turned on. Lacking any big fish, the variety and numbers made up for it.

No it was not Halloween! But an unusual buff worn by Shaun. His baldchin groper and scarlet sea perch

These blue spot emperor are quite prolific at this time of year

Red-throat emperor and morwong.

A big occy took a liking to a small cod.


Kalbarri Offshore & Angling Club Local Comp.

20th August 2016

Weather was so bad that no boats went out, but they fished the river and beach.


Local kids did well in the river again


Frank got a couple of baldies from the southern cliffs

Bite of the Month

Nick Agar got this big dhuie on one of my charters this month. He’s from England and been to the Midwest a few times but had never been able to get onto a charter.

This 10.2kg dhuie made up for it big time!

I award Bite of the Month to someone who catches the best fish from one of my boats.

See all the previous Bite of the Month winners on my website

Need a boat for up north?

Remember I will deliver a boat out to the turn-off for free for those heading north.

Just pre-arrange and ring me from Geraldton and I will meet you there.

Popular Northern Destinations

Thevenard Island

Island Manager: 9184 6444.

The accommodation is open again and Direction

Island is always open and still a good option and bookings can be made.

Check out the website:

Ashburton Resort

Ashburton Resort. Phone 9184 6586 email:


Gnaraloo Station

Gnaraloo contacts for accommodation:

Barbara: 9315 4809



Steep Point


Steep Point Ranger for booking campsites.

Phone: Paul Dickson – Steep Point 9948 3993


Dirk Hartog Island

Kieran Wardle: 08 99481 211 Mob: 0407 383 449

Game, Bottom and Beach Fishing Action

These links will take you to my Youtube Channel

And other videos showing some great action taken from

my boats and also a very good mulloway from the beach.

Triple tuna hook-up

Dhuie and snapper

Beach mulloway

Exmouth Marlin

Day in the life of Cray fishing

Gnaraloo 2013

Snorkelling Gnaraloo

Cobia and bait ball Kalbarri

Triple Tuna Sundae


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