Best Times - KALBARRI

Any time is a good time to hire a boat to go fishing, diving, whale watching or snorkelling but it is best to have some good weather and in the right season for the species you wish to catch or see. Kalbarri is blessed with a great climate, not too far north to be too hot and far enough north to be warm in winter. Kalbarri is good all year round but the following information may make up your mind as to when you would like to visit.


Our hottest time, some days it may reach 40 degrees centigrade but usually cooler in the afternoon when the sea breeze comes in. The sea breeze will always come in! Some of the hottest game fishing can be encountered at this time. Most of the mornings are dead calm with a flat sea and the mackerel and tuna can boil on the surface. Most game fish go off the bite by lunch so the sea breeze at midday is not usually a problem. Bottom fishing is also good but can be cut short by the sea breeze. Easy cray fishing during the “run of the whites”.


Probably the best time as we get the best weather then. Also the busiest – accommodation is hard to get and the boats are heavily booked. Get in early to book accommodation & boat hire and look out for packages to save you money. Expect fine windless days in the height of the game fishing season. Occasionally the river may flood after northern cyclones, making the mulloway fishing outstanding. Outstanding bottom fishing.


Great weather continues over this period. The Leeuwin Current flows strongly bringing warm water into the bay. The mackerel & tuna have fattened up and and are bigger at this time of year. Clear water offers excellent visibility for divers and fish alike. Occasional winter storms makes ocean access impossible.


Winter storms abate, and the game fish begin their migration north. Some lingering game fish can still be caught, but most fishing is done on the bottom. Big dhufish and snapper move into the shallower waters to spawn where most are caught. Start of the big winter tailor and mulloway. Start of the wildflower season. Start of the whale migration.


Start of the summer pattern of still mornings and an afternoon sea breeze. Some days there will be an early southerly which makes for an uncomfortable trip home in the boat. 2 month closed season for category one demersal species starts 15th October. Bottom fishing close in still good with trevally, mulloway and tailor the main target during the demersal ban. Big winter tailor and mulloway time. Best time to see whales and the wildflowers continue to get better. Opening of the cray fishing season on 15th October..(when closed)

Spanish Mackeral


Persistent afternoon sea breezes with most mornings calm. Cray fish abound and are easily caught. Opening of the category one demersal season on 16th December. Chance for an early mackerel or tuna in late December. Tailor and mulloway continue.