Hire Conditions

Water, boats and weather add up to a potentially dangerous combination. If you do not have a reasonable amount of experience, for your safety and others, we will be unwilling to hire a boat to you. Having a Recreational Skipper’s Ticket does not necessarily mean you have enough experience to drive one of our boats.

All our boats are hired out on the receipt of a $500.00 booking deposit that doubles as a bond and is refundable at the end of a successful hire. Some out of town locations may require a $1000 bond. Bookings may be made by phone, email or just call round and on a basis of first with the deposit has the right to the boat. Once a booking deposit has been received the boat will be reserved exclusively for you. Murchison Boat Hire will endeavour to hold a pencil booking and prompt you to pay the deposit but cannot guarantee your booking unless the deposit/bond has been paid.

Full payment for the hire period must be made prior to the commencement of the hire with cash or credit card (fees apply and will be passed on to you). PAYID is the preferred method of payment and can be paid to mobile number 0427645037 which will come up Barker Transport Engineering Pty Ltd which is our parent company. PayID is free of charges and usually an instant transfer. Just open your banking app and instead of selecting pay to BSB select to pay to mobile number or PayID.

Boats are supplied full of fuel and must be returned same. Boats not refuelled will have bond held until fuel and a $50 refuelling fee can be deducted from the bond (More if out of Dampier refuel).

Boats must be cleaned, refueled and returned by 5pm on the last day of hire. Late fees of $50 per 15 mins late will be applied.We are happy for you to clean the boat at our property, just ask us and allow time for cleaning, remember the next hire goes out at 5.30pm.

Large damage to the boats are covered by insurance however an excess of $5000.00 applies to the boat, motors, trailer and equipment which the hirer must pay. Any lesser damage to the boat, motors, trailer or equipment or loss of equipment will be borne by the hirer. Some repairs may need to be quoted prior to bond refund. Payment of our bond shows your agreement to pay any damage while using the boats.


If a booking is cancelled within 4 weeks of hire & the boat is not rehired during that period the deposit/bond will be lost. If the boat is rebooked for the full period or longer, full refund less $25.00 (bank & administration charges) will be given. Any cancellation at any time will incur a $25.00 surcharge.

Once hire has commenced, there will be no refund for early return for any reason unless another booking is received over the hire period or under the discretion of Murchison Boat Hire. Bad weather? See our FAQs page. (Dampier hire is a little different please call and ask)


On commencement of hire you will be given a full safety and operational briefing on the boat, safety gear, navigational instruments, sounder, weather conditions & potential hazards & supplied with maps and directions to the best fishing, diving & whale watching spots.

What if I don't have a boat driving licence?

You do need at least a Recreational Skipper’s Ticket or Eastern States equivalent licence to drive a boat in WA. Any hirer must be over 17 years of age have a vehicle driving licence and a reasonable amount of boating experience (for your own safety) to operate our boats. The hirer does not have to have a licence but someone with a licence must be aboard at all times.

Can I pick the boat up and tow it to other destinations?

Yes, you may tow any of our boats to anywhere in WA. You will need to prearrange it and prepay the hire. Please note that it is not permitted to take the boats to Ningaloo Station. Some delivery to other local places can be arranged at an agreed fee, please call for a quote. We have delivered to Onslow and Point Samson from Dampier.

What if I have booked the boat but the weather has turned bad?

If the conditions are dangerous you will be refused the boat and your deposit will be refunded in full. However there are degrees of “bad” weather and some days will be better than others. We will retrieve the 5 day forecast from internet sites and advise you on what to expect. Just because there may be a bit of rain or an early sea breeze does not constitute bad weather. If you have a weeks hire and some of the days are “bad weather” you are obliged to take the good with the bad. The biggest defining condition is wind speed, anything over 16 knots is uncomfortable.

What if I scratched the paint work when launching the boat?

Small scratches and bumps are sometimes unavoidable and will be overlooked when the boat is returned, however major scrapes and damage to the boat, trailer, motor and equipment that needs attention will be charged for and agreed on at the time. Major work may require a quote from a repairer.

The motor broke down, it's not my fault?

If it’s not your fault there is no charge, but if it was from doing something stupid then it is your fault and you will be charged for repair! Break-downs are unlikely as all our motors are late model and regularly serviced 4-stroke Yamahas.

I don't have a tow bar, how do I launch the boat?

We can launch and retrieve the boat for you if required by negotiation in Dampier depending on the location of your hire. There is a charge of $100.00 each day for this service or per launch and retrieve during the hire.